Monday, 28 April 2014

How to Perform With Different Lip Forms a la Kevin Auction

The lips

The only factor we modified from picture to picture was Jillian’s lip type and shade. For all lip looks, we used Kevyn Aucoin The Skin Overall tone Lip Pen ($25 each) in the colors detailed below. The rest All items from Kevyn Aucoin. The Delicate Epidermis Colored Cream in SB01, The Delicate Epidermis Increaser in SX03, and The Delicate Epidermis Powdered Base in PF03; on sight, The Eye Pen Primatif in Primary Dark, The Important Eye shadow Set Scheme 1, and The Styling Mascara; on eyebrows, The Perfection Temple Pen in Blonde.  

Natural Lip

A basic, well-rounded and symmetrically formed oral cavity. There is no overdrawing in this one; all we did was even out a a little bit less-than-symmetrical cupid’s bow. A a little bit more angular take on the organic lip type, and delayed ’60s à la Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde.


Full and sexy, here you complete the cupid’s bow so that there is no optimum or dip in the top lip, and increase the top lip outside the organic lip range for a bigger look. Very Naomi Campbell and Kate Hepburn. For this ’40s-inspired, Joan Crawford–esque look, the cupid’s bow is expanded out extensive into a smooth, curved type, so that the oral cavity take on an almost rectangle-shaped top quality. Marilyn and the ’50s, all the way, and made after the way the display alarm would overdraw her top lip to improve its seductiveness. Go just outside the organic lip range and also increase a little bit, to really get the bigger, body type. The Bee-Stung requires its name from the look of a actual hurt welt, and its very beginning ’20s. You type a heart-like type in the middle of the oral cavity, making the sides of the oral cavity simple for a more described pucker impact. At once overstated and elegant, with sides that go both within and outside of the organic lip collections. To get the look, really perform up the factors at the sides, winging them out as shown.

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